First of all: I’m not a registered dietician. I don’t have any formal training specifically in the science of nutrition. I’m just a college junior in pursuit of a Biology/Chemistry double major who is interested in improving his life via nutrition (hence, Living through Nutrition). Over the past few years, I’ve experimented with various diets (although I hate to use that term as it conjures up images of Atkins and South Beach – I simply mean different types of food sources). If I’ve learned anything, it’s that one of the biggest challenges to a good diet is time, money, and knowledge of what a balanced diet is (I’m still trying to learn this myself). Also – I’m not trying to sell you anything: not a Blendtec Blender (although I want one!) … not a patch of wheatgrass … not a recipe book.

However, it is apparent to me that nutrition is a key to improving life (among many other things). It’s important if one wants to be competitive in a certain sport (genetics are probably more important there, though); I believe that it’s also necessary to eat well if one simply wants to live comfortably.

I don’t claim to know everything – it’s quite the opposite. I just want to share my findings with others in order to facilitate a discussion about how toimprove life via nutrition. I’m definitely open to criticism and would like to hear other peoples views on nutrition.

About me personally: I’m a runner of several years (a relatively slow runner) who also spends time hiking, swimming, biking (very occasionally). I’m also going into my second year as a ski instructor at Whitetail Ski Resort;  I’m hoping to get my PSIA Level 1 certification this winter. I suppose I’m a fan of the outdoors in general. Also, recently, I’ve been experimenting with minimalist and barefoot running – I am an avid fan of Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs). I’m hoping that I’ll be diligent in maintaining this blog – hopefully it will be an enjoyable outlet for my thoughts!


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